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SS-XXX | Die Frau Helga
The Borghild Project Reconstruction

Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler ordered in 1941 the development of the world's first inflatable sex doll meant to serve the sexual needs of the German fighting man. The officer directly responsible for the sex doll project was S.S. commander Heinrich Himmler. The plan was never put into action because the factory that was supposed to manufacture the sex dolls was in the city of Dresden, which was bombed by the Allies. And so Hitler never got to become the "father of the inflatable doll."

photo: Marin Franov

8th Performance Art Festival Osijek

Platforms intersection:
What to Affirm? What to Perform? HOW to RE:akt

Curated by Sergej Pristaš
Barantana, Osijek, Croatia
July 19, 2008

Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana